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Uliana Shchepeleva

(known as @lashmother.uli)

I am a founder of The Beauty House Training Center. I have over 15 years of experience in the lash industry. Since I moved to Canada I have faced the challenge of finding great high-quality training in the lash industry.

Every course I have taken or attended (over 100!) was just a mediocre copy of the previous one. On the hunt to improve my skills, I have started taking different courses around the world to collect all the information that is available out there. I have implemented those skills and mastered them. Ultimately, I have created an ultimate lash Lift Revolution course 3.0 that covers it ALL. I mean it. So you don't need to spend thousands of dollars and years of your life on researching.

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Thank you so much, Uli! Such a great class!
Although I took some of lash lift classes in the past I still found a lot of helpful information to improve my work. The class is very detailed and structured very well. And your energy is amazing! Was so pleasant to watch you explaining every single part of the class!

Ecaterina Stefantiva

I can't believe I've been doing lash lifts and tints for over four years without knowing what I know after this course. I am so happy I chose the longer course (VIP); this training is worth every penny and more! Thank you, Uliana, for putting together such a fantastic training course!

Shannon Baker

This course is a game-changer! 👏🏽 The confidence and knowledge gained from this course is beyond measure. Thank you so much for your dedication to the art. It’s been an absolute pleasure doing this training! 💖✨.

Teresa Smith

This is the fourth lash lift course I have completed and this one trumps them all. No stone is left unturned here, you learn all there is to learn. The content is rich and all useful. Uli is the Oracle of the lash lift world, she is absolutely amazing and adorable. She has time for everyone and explains everything in depth but keeps it simple.
Worth the money & time investment hands down.
Very Very happy, Thank you Lash Mother Uli. xxxx

Stacey Ford

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